ACLS refers to Advanced Cardiac Life Support. This is a set of medical techniques and skills that allow for intervention in cardiac emergencies. ACLS training isn’t just for cardiac patients but also carries over into helping with Strokes and other sudden ailments.

ACLS Training:

ACLS trained physicians and medical professionals have passed their certification and are ready to respond to crisis. Training is generally taken online now. There are various courses that are available. ACLS training courses should come with all course materials you will need. There shouldn’t be an heavy extra expenses that come as a surprise. The price you are quoted should be the price of your course and include everything.

ACLS Certification:

ACLS certification comes after you have completed your training online. Even if you have never been certified in the past, you can complete the entire process online. ACLS certification will not be a physical process. ACLS certification should occur online. Not all courses and certifications will be accepted by all health facilities. While most ACLS training courses will adapt and be up to date using the most current guidelines from places like the ECC or the American Heart Association. Regardless, you should always check out with your medical institution if the ACLS certification you are about to pay for will be recognized and accepted by them. While you may learn some techniques and abilities, it would be unfortunate to not be recognized for the effort you have put into your certification.

Online Courses:

There are many places that offer ACLS training. They tend to offer a lot of the same features since it’s offering close to the same information. General Features will include:

  • Full Training Materials – It’s important your course gives you everything you require.
  • Certification Cards – Whether the cards are sent to you or they are to be printed by you, each course will ensure that you receive your physical wallet card so that you can show anyone in person at a moment that you are in fact certified.
  • Practice Tests – Practice tests have been a staple of all online courses in all walks of life for a long time now. Practice tests allow you to work hard and ensure that you are not going to fail the full exam when the time comes. Most courses do allow you to retake the final exam at no additional cost, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to pass on the first attempt.
  • ACLS.US – This is an American ACLS course that provides all of the standard ACLS knowledge that will be required in your training. The cost is higher for certification than for recertification as recertification doesn’t require reworking knowledge that is already present.
  • ACLS.COM – This website will offer your certification or recertification for the same price at 275 dollars. This either indicates it just wishes a simple blanket fee, or perhaps the recertification process is more thorough than others and ensures earlier knowledge has not been lost.
  • EMERCERT.COM – This is another location for online courses and carries much the same information and options as the two listed above it.

Whichever website you choose for online certification, the most important part is to ensure that it is recognized by your health organization.