Carpet & Home Cleaning

A beautiful home makes you feel great. It’s your fort of tranquillity. It’s your safe place after a long day. Keeping your home clean can be a bit of a task though. When things get rough, there’s nothing to do but scrub and scrub until the stain is gone… or flip the couch cushion.

There’s so many cleaning products and cleaning methods out there that it may seem overwhelming when you are trying to make a choice as to what you want to do.

Carpet Cleaning

Good carpets can make you feet so happy. That luxurious feel of the carpet beneath your toes is something that you can really enjoy. However carpets are naturals for stains. A beautiful carpet tends to attract mistakes. Whether it be pets or wine or other liquids, carpet stains are incredibly difficult to fix.

How you clean a carpet is going to depend on the type of carpet. If it’s got color-fastness or other methods then it’s possible. The most common method is a carpet cleaning system. These are especially useful for family homes. You want to vacuum the carpet first. When you’re using carpet cleaners that use water, you need to make sure they dry quickly. If your carpet is still wet after 24 hours, you raise the potential for mold growing underneath the carpet which just ruins the whole point.

You can also use dry methods of carpet cleaning. Dry machines use a variety of chemicals to help lift stains from your carpets. The downside is that this can be expensive. Additionally if it’s not done correctly, it can leave chemicals on your carpet.

Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is both a useful and a practical trick everyone should work on. A clogged drain can produce terrible odors that you certainly don’t want spreading throughout your house. Thankfully by constantly cleaning your drain you can avoid this and make sure that

There are options when it comes to cleaning your drains. There are plenty of commercial items where you pour down a heavy clog removing mass. It’s meant to eat away at clogs and other blockages. There’s also natural options. One of the most common is baking soda and vinegar. The process involves hot water and some soaking, but it results in the drain sludge being loosed and then removed.

Stain Removal

Getting out a tough stain can be very difficult. Stain removal depends on a variety of factors. The first factor is what is being stained. If it’s something like carpet or upholstery, you’re going to do something very different to clean it than if you’re trying to clean up stained tile or stains on your walls. The color of the material matters as well. Using something like bleach on anything but white surfaces is just asking for a huge dollop of trouble.

The second thing you need to consider for stain removal is what is causing the stain. Things like blood and red wine are near impossible to get out of light surfaces. You need to resort to some of the major stain fighters or industrial steam cleaners to get them out of your things.