Shaving Tips & Techniques

Personal grooming has a lot of benefits. Being well put together and clean looking makes potential employers respect you a little bit more. A clean look goes perfectly with formal events like weddings. Plus it keeps those intimate moments nice and soft.

Men’s Shaving

Whether you’re shaving your face, or taking care of a little manscaping, you want to make sure you get a close shave with little irritation or annoyance. Here’s some tips to let you get the very best shave you can get.

  • Invest in a Shaving Brush – If you’re really looking for a great shave, picking up a nice shaving brush is key. You want it to be soft enough to produce a beautiful lather, but stiff enough raise the hair up and away from the skin.
  • Use quality ingredients – Cheap shaving cream will foam up, but that’s not actually great. Good shaving creams are rich and creamy. They have a large amount of moisturizers. Those are what you should be looking for in a shave.
  • Prepare – Prepping for a good shave doesn’t just mean thinking about it. Have the right products ready and give yourself some extra time. Prepare your skin by making sure you take a hot shower or a pre-shave oil. This will open up your pores and create the shave you really want.

Women’s Shaving

Shaving legs can be a hassle and tiresome. Cuts and scrapes somewhere sensitive can really ruin a good day. Women’s shaving can be far worse than the equivalent for men. Women need to take care of their skin. To be fair, so do men. Here are some tips to help women with their shaving needs:

  • Make Use of Treatments – Shaving is big business and a lot of great products have been produced to assist. There are some great after-shave treatments that will allow your skin to recover quickly. Things like baby oil, aloe vera or honey can can really improve the shaving experience.
  • Experiment – There is a lot of different advice out there that usually makes sense. Don’t shave dry. Always shave legs from top down. However that doesn’t work for everyone. Some people can shave dry and look smooth with zero problems. Lots of people immediately shave bottom up. Try to see what works well for you.
  • Men’s Products Can be Great – Yes most things developed for women are superior for a woman’s skin, but there’s been some great development in men’s products. Some of them can produce you with excellent moisturizing and other benefits.

Discount Razors

For years, companies like Gillette and Schick have been selling razors to the masses at high prices. As they’ve added more blades and shaving strips to their razors, the prices keep rising. Since the internet has provided consumers with the ability to shop around, discount razor companies have been cropping up.

Discount razors work on a purchase or subscription basis. The subscription system is pretty common and makes a lot of sense. Due to the price of razors, there’s a lot of people that stretch their razors for too long. Getting a subscription of cheaper razors allows you to use them more consistently and get a better shave by using more razors if you choose. If you don’t want to, you can use them the same amount of time and just save a ton of money.