Key Finder

There’s so many problems from the 1960’s that have been solved through modern ingenuity. There were many mornings lost to wallets or keys that just wouldn’t be found. As you might hear on a cheesy infomercial “Not anymore!”. There are dozens of products or applications for your smartphone that will allow you to ensure you never lose your keys ever again. There are radio frequency and bluetooth key finders. Radio frequency finders work from a base area like your home and help you find within a safe bubble. Bluetooth finders work through your smartphones. They allow you to find your keys simply by pressing a button on your smartphone.

GPS for Keys: Products & Apps

Avantek KF-113

This option offers something very different stylistically from a lot of the boring options out there. The KF-113 uses light bright colours, and also uses flashing leds for additional help if you’re having trouble with the sounds coming from the operator. The KF-113 is preprogrammed and works great for someone who wants to just attach the receiver to their keychain and be ready to go.

Where’s the Remote

Where’s the Remote is an economical option. It provides some hideous pastel fobs to be attached to your keys or other devices. Of course if you like pastel then you may find these to be very fashion forward. These all work off of a central transmitter, but if you do lose your central transmitter you can still use your phone and the application to find the fobs. Mind you if you were using one of the trackers on your phone and unable to find your phone you may be in an infinite loop of lost phones.

Luxsure Nut 3

This is a pretty fantastic tracker. The tracker is based through the smartphone app and uses the phone for additional security. One of the ideal ways to use this is to keep a tracker in your purse (should you be a purse carrying person) and you set the app to notify you if the purse gets too far away from the phone. If the tracker does get too far away, it will notify you by phone and you can choose to either ignore the warning (because you intended it to do so) or you can use the phone to track down your missing purse. A tracker sewn into the lining might foil many a thief.

Tile Mate

Tile Mate is currently the most popular and probably well known option for your lost keys. Tile Mate works great for the standard finding of things. One thing Tile Mate does better than any other option is work in a reverse manner. You can use your tile mates in order to ring your phone when you can’t find your phone. Additionally beyond that it also gives you a “last known location” option. So if you’ve gone well outside the range it would normally work within, it can get you back to where you should start searching. Add to that some pretty great battery life and I think you’ve found the perfect option for you.