Printer and Copier Ink

While so many companies are going digital, there is always going to be a place for physical documents. Legal situations almost always require physical documents, and companies still have constant printing and copying needs.

Printer Toner Cartridges:

It may seem foolish, but a lot of people still are unsure what toner even is. Laser printers don’t use ink. Laser printers use static electricity. The lasers build up the static on the paper and then that paper attracts the toner. Toner is an incredibly fine powdered ink. The ink sticks onto the paper and then the laser printer uses the fuser unit and that cements on the toner onto the paper. Toner cartridges have compressed solid toner within them, and allow for it to be removed from the cartridge and out into the paper.  Printer Toner Cartridges come in two different varieties. The first variety is called Genuine printer toner cartridges. They can also be called “Original Equipment Manufacturer” or OEM cartridges. These printer toner cartridges come from the makers of the printers. Sometimes the warranty is linked to using these OEM cartridges. OEM cartridges are often very expensive and lead to people using non OEM cartridges. These are called generic or “compatible” cartridges and are designed to fit into the manufacturers printers and copiers.

Refillable Ink Cartridges:

Refillable Ink Cartridges are excellent choices when you’re dealing with any printer or copier that uses an inkjet setup. You have multiple options when dealing with refillable cartridges. One of the biggest decisions is if you wish to refill the ink yourself or simply continue to exchange refillable cartridges from a vendor. Obviously refilling the cartridges yourself is the cheapest of the options.


  • Affordable – Refillable cartridges allow you to save money. Whether you are using the refillable cartridges for personal or professional reasons, more money saved is always a good thing.
  • Green – Refillable ink cartridges are more environmentally friendly than their 1 use brethren. That generally applies for any multi use item over their single use counterparts. If your company is making an effort to be more green (whether over your concern for the environment or for the tax breaks)
  • Excellent with Inkjet – Inkjet printers and copiers are those that are intended for refillable cartridges. They provide the platform for refillable cartridges


  • The Mess – If you decide to do your own refilling, it’s possible that things can get mighty messy. If you make a mistake and there is any sort of accident, that could lead to pure ink on your carpets or furnishings. If you don’t properly secure the cartridge it could also end up coming undone within the printer or copier itself. The resulting ink explosion is certainly a sub-optimal outcome.
  • The Mystery – If you’re using a vendor to refill your cartridges for you, there’s no guarantee that they will be using the right inks. Most use excellent inks. Some companies (especially those that replace toner) will use a cheap toner, and can damage your cartridge. While this may seem like a cheap option, this is certainly one of those scenarios where you will get what you pay for.