Best Deodorants

There’s nothing more embarrassing than being in a high pressure social situation and suddenly sweating through your shirt. Well, it may be even more embarrassing if you are pushing out some terrible body odor at the same time that you’re doing it.

Deodorant vs. Antiperspirants

Deodorant works to cover up the smells that the body naturally produces whereas an antiperspirant instead works to to block the pores of your skin so they won’t sweat.

In this way, technically deodorant is better, since it doesn’t block the pores and allows sweat to come through. Sweat is how we cool off as people, so if you are a frequent user of antiperspirant, then it’s possible you’re running uncomfortably hot and sweating out of other places. For this reason, deodorant is the superior choice unless you are suffering from an obscene amount of sweat.


Deodorant is considered a cosmetic. This is because it doesn’t actually affect your body in a physical way. While available in drug stores, it’s certainly not in the cosmetics aisle. Deodorant is not just the same thing under different brands anymore. The wonderful scents work in tandem with perfumes or colognes or on their own!

Deodorant Types

There are more than a few ways to dispense deodorant at this point. While most people think of only one or two ways, there’s really multiple ways that things go now.

  • Roll-on – Roll-on deodorant is one of the most common forms and has been around forever. Roll-on deodorant is available in both the standard white powder version as well as the now most popular
  • Stick – Stick is very similar to a roll on type except it works as a circular cylinder of deodorant instead of
  • Gel – Gel deodorant was popularized by Gillette. The clear gel formula was contained within what looked a lot like a roll on container. The gel was pushed out through a grate in the top of the roll on and could then be applied just like it.
  • Spray – The spray version continues to gain ground. Incredible scents has made the spray option even more useful than it was. Sprays are now often used in replacement of colognes. They are used in the underarm area, as well as across the chest or anywhere else someone emits odor.
  • Natural – There are also natural versions of deodorant that can be created at home. The two main natural versions are a powder that’s made from baking soda and cornstarch as well as a liquid deodorant that uses vegetable glycerin as well as various liquid ingredients like aloe vera gel. The powder needs to be applied gently through a wet washcloth.

Skin Types

Almost every person can be linked to one of three different skin types. Most people have normal skin that keeps things soft but regular. Dry skin is where things get interesting with deodorant. There are a lot of products out there that work to help moisturize dry skin. Deodorant is a good option to assist in this moisturizing quest. It provides access to an area that’s not normally given a lot of attention.