Makeup can allow you to easily channel and try out different looks. There are many different makeup products that can allow you to try out new looks and put your best face forward. Makeup products are also improving all the time, with new innovations and ingredients being used to benefit the skin and provide staying power. Keep reading to find out more about some of the greatest makeup products you should have in your makeup collection.

Makeup Basics

If you have shopped for makeup recently you may have become overwhelmed with the amount of choices and products available. A few of the makeup essentials for makeup beginners and experts include:


Blush is a beloved makeup product that can add a splash of color to the cheeks. Blush is available in many different colors and shades including pink, rose, plum, red and peach. Blush is available in different formulas including powders, creams and stains. Blush can be applied in a variety of different ways, often using your fingers or a blush brush. Blush is often applied to the apples of the cheeks and extended subtly towards the hairline. The right shade of blush can make you look healthy and youthful.


If you are looking to cover under circles and problem skin areas there is nothing quite like concealer to help you do it quickly and affordably. Concealer comes in a wide variety of colors and shades so that it can match your skin tone with a little bit of blending. If you are shopping for concealer you will want to have the cosmetician help you find the right shade so that it conceals areas seamlessly and will suit your skin tone. Concealer is a makeup must-have that can be worn to cover zits, add dimension and highlight certain areas. Concealer is available in a variety of different formulas, with the most common including liquids, creams, sticks and more.


The “secret” to long, full lashes that add beautiful definition around the eyes is the right mascara. You may have seen many eyelash enhancement products including false lashes and lash extensions, but you can easily get big bold lashes affordably and easily at home using mascara. Mascara can be used to add volume and color to the lashes to frame your eyes. Mascara is available in many different formulas including waterproof, long-lasting and tinted. Mascara is most commonly worn in black, brown or clear. For more daring looks you can also choose colored mascara in blues, purples, greens and more. Mascara is an affordable way to add attention and definition around the eyes.


Lipstick is an easy way to add color and definition to the lips. There are many different colors of lipstick to choose from including reds, pinks, purples, nudes and browns. Lipsticks may be made to leave a matte, creamy or glossy finish. Lipsticks may be applied in a variety of different ways often using a lip brush or directly from the tube. Lipstick may also contain conditioning properties including oils and waxes which help to seal in moisture to keep the lips looking healthy. Lipstick can help you to pull together your look easily.


Bronzer can add dimension and glow to your skin easily. Bronzers are available in many different colors including warm golds, bronze browns and deep tans. There are many different types of bronzer formulas available including creams, powders and liquids. Bronzer can give you a healthy glow no matter what the weather is like outside. It is important to color test bronzers so that it looks natural and even. Bronzer may have shimmer, sparkles or a matte finish. Bronzer is a very affordable way to make your skin look like you just returned from vacation by adding a beautiful glow.

Makeup can give you the ability to try out different looks and trends easily and affordably. To determine what colors and shades will look best on you consider your hair color, skin tone and eye color.